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Bruxism Masseter Injection Designed To Stop Teeth Grinding

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we provide bruxism jaw injection treatment designed to stop your teeth grinding and relieve you of any pain. Constant teeth grinding can cause stress or anxiety which can then be amplified by caffeine consumption. Understanding these struggles, our expert team is committed to delivering the precise bruxism treatment you need to ensure your comfort and overall well-being.

Teeth grinding can also excessively widen your jaw and ruin your confidence. Our bruxism treatment relaxes the masseter muscle and as a result, softens your jaw and creates your deserved youthful facial shape. Seeking our bruxism treatment ensures you can smile confidently with peace of mind.

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Bruxism treatment at our Perth clinic

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we use muscle relaxant injections, that is anti-wrinkle injections to stop teeth grinding. This relaxes the masseter muscle, which prevents it from contracting excessively. As a result, jaw soreness, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms associated with teeth grinding are relieved. This injection is the same method used for face slimming treatment, which will also soften the appearance of the jaw. It converts a square-shaped face into a more feminine V-shape, creating a more youthful and attractive facial shape.

The effect is usually seen within two weeks, and individuals will notice a significant reduction or elimination of their teeth grinding.

For more information on our alternative treatment option – see our Anti-wrinkle treatment here.

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