Hydrating Skin Booster


Hydrating Skin Booster

Rather than applying a topical moisturiser every day, why not have it injected instead?

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we are offering the latest injectable skin booster to restore moisture and radiance to dehydrated and dull-looking skin, resulting in a more youthful, glowing appearance.

What are Skin Boosters made of?

Skin boosters, also known as Beauty Boosters, are available as several brands in the market, but all are made of especially hydrating dermal fillers in the form of injectable clear gels. At The Lime Tree Clinic, our European premium Skin Booster has a unique and patented formula that combines the intense hydration with essential skin nutrients for the ultimate skin rejuvenation.

How does Skin Booster treatment work?

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we use the revolutionary, TGA approved V2 injector to place the Skin Boosters to a specific depth of the skin. A light suction is used to prime your skin for injection. Then 5 or 9 micro-needles painlessly inject the dermal filler. This use of a multi-needle system allows the use of a larger amount of Skin Boosters over a bigger area whilst maintaining precise depths and spacing of injections. This enables us to accurately target the correct dermal layer to achieve optimum results every time and minimise bruising and downtime.

When injected into the dermal layer of the skin, the Skin Boosters act like water reservoirs under the skin, absorbing and retain moisture for long term hydration. There is also the added benefits of the essential skin nutrients, along with skin needling effects, which stimulates collagen and elastic fibre production to increase skin elasticity, reduce lines and loose skin, and restore vibrancy to the face.

Are Skin Boosters safe?

Skin boosters are safe because their constituents are naturally found in our body, and all treatments are done in a medically clean environment. While there is always some level of risk with any skin procedure, significant side effects associated with skin boosters are very rare.  Our qualified cosmetic practitioner will discuss all of the benefits and risks with you before your treatment is administered.

What are the treatment areas for Skin Boosters?

Skin boosters are often performed on the face and neck, but other areas on the body such as the décolletage and hands can also be treated. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) or anti-wrinkle medicine can also be added on to your treatment for the ultimate full facial skin rejuvenation, with additional beneficial effects such as scar and pore reduction.

Our cosmetic injectors in consultation with you will create a personalised treatment plan to address your skin concerns.

What is the procedure for Skin Booster treatment?

Skin booster treatment is a comfortable and safe treatment that takes about 90 minutes. Our expert, qualified cosmetic injectors will assess your face and body to see if you are a good candidate for skin boosters.

First, the injection sites are cleansed with antibacterial agents. Our cosmetic injectors then use the V2 injector, or by manual injections, depending on your preference, to place the Skin Boosters accurately to the treatment areas. Our premium skin boosters contain a mild local anaesthetic that makes the injection comfortable. Numbing cream is also applied prior to the procedure to optimise your comfort.

After the treatment, a deluxe skin serum is first applied to complement the results of the Skin Booster, followed by a recovery healing mask, and wrapped up with our Medical LED treatment.


Skin Booster treatment aftercare

Immediately after the Skin Booster treatment, there may be redness, swelling, bruising or rarely you may notice tiny bumps due to the intense build-up of moisture underneath the skin. All these side effects are temporary and will settle after one to two days. You will be able to resume your daily activities after a few hours. Avoid strenuous activities for a day after the treatment.

When can I see the treatment results and how long will it last for?

Results vary with individuals, but you will notice distinct results after 1 to 2 weeks. Skin Booster treatment is not a one-off treatment but should be seen as a regular beauty regimen. For optimum results, we usually recommend 3 sessions of treatment at 4 weeks apart. The skin will stay hydrated for 12 months. After this, we suggest maintenance sessions of 2 to 3 times a year, depending on your skin quality, skin care regime and the desired results.

What is the cost of Skin Boosters?

Each session of Skin Boosters include:

Full facial assessment and consultation

3mLs of premium European Skin Boosters with intense hydration and essential skin nutrients

After treatment deluxe skin serum application to optimise results

Recovery healing mask application

Medical LED treatment to speed recovery

Individual sessions are $950

3 sessions of Skin Boosters receive 5% off

Platelet Rich Plasma and Meso Anti-Wrinkle can be added to your treatment for additional benefits