Platelet Rich Plasma (Hair Regrowth)

Platelet Rich Plasma (Prp) - Hair Regrowth

Are you suffering from hair loss? If you are sick of trying all the creams and lotions, but are not ready for a hair transplant procedure, then you will want to know more about the specialised PRP hair regrowth at The Lime Tree Clinic.

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) hair regrowth is an all-natural, proven treatment method that involves the injection of your own specially prepared blood into a section of your scalp, to halt hair loss and jumpstart hair regrowth to produce thicker, fuller, stronger and healthier hair.

Our team has many years of experience in dealing with male and female pattern hair loss, and thanks to the PRP hair regrowth method, our clients are confident about their appearance. Let us embark your hair restoration journey and you will be happy you started.

The Process

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Frequently Asked Questions

PRP hair regrowth utilises the principle of natural healing that take place in our body every day. Our blood contains platelets which have a high concentration of growth factors responsible for tissue regeneration and healing. By using a medical-grade centrifuge, the platelets in the blood is separated from the red blood cells to form the platelet-rich plasma which contains concentrated growth factors multiple times higher than normal circulation blood. When the PRP is injected into the scalp, it enhances hair growth by stimulating inactive dormant follicles into activity, increase blood and nutrient flow and increase the growth duration of the hair follicles. The ultimate result is a healthier scalp as well as thicker and fuller hair.

The PRP treatment at The Lime Tree Clinic is individually tailored to your scalp with a comprehensive assessment and plan, with medical recommendations to optimise your hair regrowth from a full medical perspective.

The PRP is prepared using a proprietary method, medical graded equipment, utmost care and aseptic technique to arrive at a Platelet Rich Plasma that is not only concentrated, but also formulated specifically for your hair regrowth. We do not use standard, out of the box, one size fits all preparation methods.

Our specialised medical Injection Device is a world class, Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration approved injection system that delivers the PRP into your scalp at precise depths and dosages to give the most accurate injections and hence the absolute best results possible with the utmost comfort.

PRP is prepared using your own blood so there is minimal risk of developing side effects. Moreover, PRP naturally has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties and therefore it is particularly suited for scalp administration. We also inject PRP into the face as part of advanced facial rejuvenation.

While there is always some level of risk with any skin procedure, side effects associated with PRP hair growth are very rare. Our qualified cosmetic practitioner will discuss all the benefits to hair growth as well as any risks with you before your treatment is administered.

PRP hair regrowth treatment can be used for:

  • Treating both male and female Androgenetic Alopecia
  • Treating Alopecia Areata
  • Slowing down shedding or active hair loss
  • Stimulating regrowth of thinning hair so that it becomes thicker and fuller
  • Enhancing the scalp’s health and condition

PRP hair regrowth procedure takes about 45 minutes to complete.
The procedure commences with blood collection from your arm, in the same way you would have a blood test. Then the drawn blood is placed in a medical-grade centrifuge and prepared in a very specific manner. The centrifuge spins at a controlled rate in a carefully controlled environment to separate the liquid plasma from the red and white blood cells to create the PRP. All handling of your PRP is with the utmost care to optimise the potential of your personal PRP.

Prior to injection, your scalp is prepared to provide a safe, clean, and as comfortable treatment as possible. Injections can be expertly done by hand or with our revolutionary Injection Device. The Injector is a specialised injection system that can deliver the PRP into your scalp at precise depths and dosages to give the most accurate injections and hence the absolute best results possible with the utmost comfort.

Immediately after the treatment, it’s normal to experience some swelling and redness on you scalp, which will resolve within a few hours. There are no strict restrictions after a PRP hair regrowth treatment as you can have a shower and a light wash of your hair the same evening, and you can go back to work straight away. However, it is advisable that you do not expose your scalp to excessive sunlight within 48 hours.

The first visible results for a typical PRP hair regrowth treatment begin 3 months after the first session with reduction in shedding, appearance of re-growth and thickening of hair. Some people will notice results much earlier than this.

Initially, 3 sessions of PRP hair regrowth treatment is required, spaced 4 weeks apart, to achieve optimum results. Further maintenance treatments may be needed depending on each individual and their particular hair condition, response and desired outcomes.

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