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As we age, a reduction in the skin elasticity and collagen causes our skin to sag. The areas of the face which are susceptible to sagging are the eyebrows, cheeks, smile lines next to the nose, the jowls along the jaw, and the neck. Other parts of the body are also affected such as the arms, breasts and buttocks. To correct this, the skin needs to be lifted upwards and backward to restore youthfulness.

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we offer thread lifts as a non-surgical option to gently lift your sagging skin, return it to its original contour and to produce natural looking results that reverses years in one session.

This article focuses on longer and thicker threads that creates an instant thread face lift. For finer PDO threads for rejuvenation please see PDO Rejuvenation Threads article

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At The Lime Tree Clinic, we offer thread lifts as a non-surgical face lift option to gently lift your sagging skin, return it to its original contour and to produce natural looking results that reverses years in one session. Book your free thread lift consultation in Perth below or contact us on (08) 6266 4936 today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we have a variety of threads at our disposal to create the optimal lift tailored specially for your face. The threads are absorbable surgical sutures with multiple small cones or barbs along the length of the thread to produce lifting and regenerating effects

The threads have two primary actions:

A lifting action – After inserting the suture into the skin, the doctor reshapes the area by gently adjusting the tissues, allowing the small cones or barbs to hold the skin and re-suspend the skin in the desired lifted position. This will re-position the tissue volume to its original contour discreetly, resulting in an immediate lifting effect.

A regenerative action – The threads naturally stimulate the skin tissue to produce its own collagen. This continues over time to improve the texture and skin quality.

The threads are made of surgical grade suture material with the latest technology. It is bio-compatible and will naturally be absorbed over time.

A thread lift is completely safe when performed by a licensed and experienced cosmetic doctor. It is a minimally invasive procedure avoiding the risks and prolong down time of surgical face lifts.

At The Lime Tree Clinic, our doctor is amongst the pioneers of eyebrow, nose and PDO thread lifts in Perth, and has been trained internationally to keep updated with the latest thread lift methods in the industry. He has in-depth knowledge of facial and body anatomy, giving you an honest assessment accordingly to your needs to ensure you have the best possible lift in a medical environment.

Eyebrows – to lift the eyebrows, reducing the weight on the upper eyelids
Cheeks and cheekbones – to make them fuller, as well as flattening the nasolabial fold
Lower jaw – to reduce marionette lines, creating a V shape face or sharp model jaw
Neck – to regain its tone and smoothness, reducing sagging skin and fullness under the neck and chin
Arms, Breast, Buttocks, Legs – to rejuvenate, provide firmness and lift

Thread lifting is not suitable for someone with excessively saggy skin, very thick skin or severely aged skin. Our expert cosmetic doctor will assess your skin to determine your suitability for thread lifting.

Thread lifts takes 30-minutes for a simple procedure, but up to 2 or more hours for delicate and large area lifting. The procedure starts with a detailed assessment of your skin followed by marking the points for thread insertion and the direction of your lift according to your desired results. The face or other treatment areas are thoroughly cleansed and disinfected.

Our cosmetic doctor then inserts the suture (thread) accordingly. Depending on the lift you desire, a number of threads can be placed per area. Once the suture has been applied, the doctor will tighten and mould the tissues to achieve a smooth, desired lifting effect.

Our experienced cosmetic doctor is known for his artistic finesse and will ensure you achieve the most optimal contours.

Immediately after the treatment, you may experience slight swelling or bruising. This will resolve within 1 to 2 weeks. Most individuals will not require any pain relief after, however paracetamol can be taken if necessary. The insertion sites must be kept clean and no strenuous exercise should be performed within a week. Sun exposure should be minimised. We will closely monitor your progress and are always excited to see your ongoing progress as the skin continues to improve.

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