Skin Lifting & Body Shaping

We Offer A Range Of Treatments ranging from Cosmetic And Dermal to Minimally Invasive Treatments To Tighten And Lift The Skin, or sculpt both the face and body.

At The Lime Tree Clinic we can assist in sculpting areas of the face and body, whether this is with dermal therapies such as Ultherapy, Morpheus8 and Emsculpt NEO or using advanced medical treatments such as Face Thread Lifts or radiofrequency face and body sculpting to achieve the desired results you seek. Non-Surgical face lifting, and body shaping treatments are the perfect solution for achieving a plumper, firmer and more youthful-looking skin and body. These treatments have less downtime and risk than traditional surgical techniques. Some treatments can be done with no anaesthesia or downtime required, and can literally be done during your lunch hour. Stimulate collagen production, tighten, and lift your skin and reduce signs of ageing – all without having to have a surgery.

Our specialist team can assist to contour your body, increase muscle, reduce stubborn fat, target stubborn areas and tighten laxity and sag. We assess your needs and suggest treatments to achieve the look or shape you desire. If you are interested to know more about our skin lifting and body shaping treatments, then please don’t hesitate to contact us and book in for your complimentary consultation where all your questions get answered. Alternatively, to browse our full list of treatments, please follow the provided list below.

Skin Lifting & Body Shaping

Are you tired of trying to get rid of stubborn fat deposits? At The Lime Tree Clinic, we understand that sometimes diet and exercise can not get rid of those hard to remove fat deposits. That is why we offer a safe and effective non-surgical treatment known as fat dissolving injections. This treatment can help dissolve the fat cells in your body or face, giving you a more sculpted and youthful appearance.

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we offer thread lifts as a non-surgical option to gently lift your sagging skin, return it to its original contour and to produce natural looking results with minimal downtime that reverses years in one session. A thread lift also stimulates the body’s natural collagen production, creating firmer, more elastic skin that slows facial aging.

Pellevé skin tightening is a non-surgical device which is used to rejuvenate the skin and reduce fine lines and laxity. Skin tightening with Pellevé is a non-invasive, painless, innovative treatment that uses radiofrequency technology to tighten and firm the skin leaving your skin refreshed and youthful.

Ultherapy is a non-surgical lifting and tightening procedure, using high-intensity ultrasound technology to heat the deeper layers of your skin. This activates collagen production and causes your skin to contract, which results in lifted and tight skin on your lower face, jowls, neck, brows and upper eye lids. Plus, with minimal downtime, it’s a perfect procedure for those looking for GOLD STANDARD tightening results!

Emsculpt NEO is the next generation device, combining two energies for a powerful, non-invasive result. In just 30 minutes, you can eliminate stubborn fat and build muscle, all without any downtime. Perfect solution for those who would like to have a more toned and defined body or to work on those stubborn areas. Typical results include 30% reduction in fat and 25% increase in muscle.

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