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As we age, we lose volume in our cheeks. This not only causes your cheeks to deflate inwards, but also results in deepening of the tear through, nasolabial folds and marionette lines, which can lead to a constantly tired or unhappy appearance. Cheek filler enhancement is a fast and effective, non-surgical method to restore fullness and definition in your face. Unlike traditional facial procedures, cheek fillers are non-invasive with minimal discomfort and produce excellent, natural-looking results. Our highly experienced cosmetic injector, Eunah Seo, is on hand to help give you the youthful look you desire by replacing the loss of volume and improving facial proportions to get that highly desirable, high cheek bone look.


If you’re looking to get cheek filler in Perth, consult the highly experienced cosmetic injecting team at The Lime Tree Clinic. Our clinic is conveniently located to service the Perth inner metro area. Book a free consultation by clicking the button below or, if you have any queries, contact us on 0433 800 588 today.

What are cheek fillers made of?

Cheek fillers are injectable aesthetic gels, commonly called dermal fillers. It is naturally occurring in the skin, and as such these treatments easily supplement your soft tissues.

How do cheek fillers work?

When injected into the skin, the cheek fillers act as a volumising substance to instantly lift the face and provide three-dimensional cheek contouring, re-inflating the cheeks, correcting volume loss and addressing lines and wrinkles. Besides adding volume, the cheek filler also acts as a hydrating agent by drawing water into the skin and improves the elasticity and firmness of the cheek.

Why choose The Lime Tree Clinic for your cheek filler treatment?

At The Lime Tree Clinic, our cosmetic injectors are experts in the field of cosmetic injectables, and are Perth’s cheek filler specialists. They will work closely with you to get to know you personally, providing a tailor-made and customised treatment plan to achieve your desired results. We are proud to say that, at The Lime Tree Clinic, we endeavour to provide a personalised experience.

You can have confidence knowing that the cheek filler treatments are performed at the highest standard with the utmost care. With experience, knowledge and a keen artistic sensibility, our cosmetic injectors will ensure your cheek filler treatment is done with advanced technique and in appropriate amounts. This is to ensure your results are smooth, beautiful, and natural looking without affecting your facial expression. We strive to produce end results that let people notice your natural beauty.

What can cheek fillers do?

Cheek fillers can address the following mid-face concerns:
- Sunken cheek bones
- Tear troughs, eye bags
- Deep scars
- Marionette lines
- Deep nasolabial folds, laugh lines
- Hanging jowls, soft jaw lines
- Sagging contours

Are cheek fillers safe?

Cheek fillers are safe because their constituents are naturally found in our body, and there is little risk of an allergic reaction. The risks of cheek filler injections are typically minimised in the hands of a good cosmetic injector with proper training, as well as good understanding of facial anatomy and the cheek filler products. As the cheek filler specialists in Perth, The Lime Tree Clinic performs all procedures in a strict aseptic manner. Our cosmetic injectors will work closely with you to evaluate your areas of concern as well as review your medical history, allergies and pregnancy status to optimise your treatment.

What is the procedure for cheek filler treatment?

Cheek filler is a non-invasive and relaxing procedure that usually takes about 10 to 15 minutes. The procedure starts with a detailed assessment of your mid-face area, marking the strategic points for filler injection according to your desired results. The target injection sites will be cleansed, followed by the application of numbing cream to make the procedure as comfortable as possible.
A very fine needle or slim cannula is used to deliver the filler. Usually, a few injections points are made over a specific area of your cheek to create a smooth transition between the treated areas. This is incredibly important to avoid an overdone and unnatural look. The process of injecting, massaging, and evaluating the result is continually performed until the desired results are achieved.

Cheek fillers after-care

Immediately after the injection, there may be mild redness, swelling, bruising, and itching. These side effects are temporary and settle after one to two days. Bruising takes one week to settle. Make up can be used the following day. You will be able to resume your daily activities immediately.

When can I see the treatment results and how long will it last for?

Cheek fillers produce instant results and typically last somewhere between 12 and 24 months. We guarantee that our treatments will achieve the expected results. We provide a complimentary follow up appointment at two weeks to review your results and provide an updated skin assessment.

What is the cost of cheek filler treatments?

Our doctors and injectors will discuss with you and choose the appropriate range and type of cheek filler for your target area. The expected improvements will also be discussed. For the ease of our patients, all our premium European cheek fillers are charged at $480 per mL. Come into The Lime Tree Clinic for a free professional assessment of your cheek filler needs and meet our friendly medical team who will be more than happy to guide you through your skin journey.

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