V Shape Face & Jawline Slimming Treatment Perth

V Shape Face & Jawline Slimming Treatment Perth

The shape of the face is a key element of face attractiveness. Just like the body, our face varies in shapes and sizes. By far a V-shaped or oval-shaped face is the most desirable face shape as it evokes feminine beauty and gives a youthful, rejuvenated and elegant look.

Some people have this facial shape and would like to enhance it further or maintain it. For others, they would like the V-shape face as it is more suitable for them. If you are longing for this facial shape, but do not want to undergo surgery, we have non-surgical treatment jawline slimming options for you, regardless of your age, right here at The Lime Tree Clinic in Perth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

To achieve a V-Shape Face, we adopt three principals of action; facial contouring, facial slimming, and facial skin tightening, to achieve a defined jaw, smaller jaw muscles, slim cheekbones and a sharper chin. This will soften the appearance of the jaw, converting a square-shaped face into a more feminine V-shape, creating a more youthful and attractive facial shape.

Technique and art – Our expert Korean cosmetic injector, Eunah Seo, have extensive training in the field of dermal filler injection locally and internationally. The V-Shape Face is an area she specialises in, and combined with her exceptional aesthetic judgement and skills, creates amazing, natural results. Most importantly, she always ensures that after a treatment session, your face is symmetrical and well-proportioned.

Personalised treatment – Rather than using standardised programs, we recommend customised treatments after meticulous consultation. Our cosmetic injector will assess your facial structure, angles and proportion, as well as the feeling of the skin. With this information, a personalised facial shaping treatment will be developed specifically for your needs.

Comprehensive range of treatments – At The Lime Tree Clinic, we have a comprehensive range of treatments, using only the latest, TGA approved devices and medicines, as well as the latest techniques to optimise the shape of your face and to maintain it over time.

We are proud to say that at The Lime Tree Clinic, we endeavour to always provide you with the safest treatment solution that best suits you. Our cosmetic injector has an in-depth understanding of facial anatomy, ensuring the treatment is administered at the safest location to avoid complications during the procedure. Our cosmetic injectors will work closely with you to evaluate your areas of concern as well as review your medical history, allergies and pregnancy status.

To sharpen your chin, depending on your facial analysis, we can use;

Dermal Fillers

  • Using an injectable gel to augment your chin and correct profile deformities for achieving the desired V-shaped face.

To achieve a slimmer jaw, depending on your facial analysis, we can use;

Anti-wrinkle Injections / Muscle relaxant Injections

  • This treatment is ideal for someone who has a squarish face shape or squarish jawline. We use specific muscle relaxant substance to relax the masseter muscle (chewing muscle), so that it will shrink over time to define the lower half of the face, resulting in a V-shape appearance.

To achieve slimmer cheeks, depending on your facial analysis, we can use;


The GOLD standard for skin tightening and lifting. It uses micro-focused ultrasound to generate a targeted thermal effect under the skin. It can reach deep into specific depths of the skin on your face and upper chest to improve collagen stimulation, which in turn firms up your skin, lifts and smooths out lines and wrinkles.

Pellevé Skin Tightening

  • Using radio frequency to heat the deep layer of the skin which helps to stimulate collagen and elastic production, resulting in natural skin tightening and lifting of the cheeks, as well as help to define the jawline.

Thread Lifting

  • A non-surgical facelift that uses medical-grade sutures to lift the skin and tighten the cheeks and jawline.

The above-mentioned treatment options are just a guide for achieving a V-shaped face. Since no two patients are identical, a thorough consultation with our expert cosmetic practitioner is needed to establish a personalised treatment plan to suit your face shape, which may include other types of treatments not listed above.

A treatment can take 30 minutes for a simple procedure but can be over 1 hour if there are multiple treatments or extensive treatments to be performed. The treatment always starts with facial assessment and mapping to mark the target areas accordingly. Most of our clients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure but this varies from person to person. Numbing cream or local anaesthetic can be applied prior to the treatment to make your procedure as comfortable as possible.

Treatment aftercare will vary depending on the treatment received. You may experience mild redness, bruising and swelling at the treatment sites. Our cosmetic practitioner will create an aftercare plan that enables you to heal quickly with minimal discomfort. We will closely review your progress until the skin has recovered.

Depending on the treatment, you may see a slimmer, more defined lower jawline immediately. For chewing muscle injections, the muscle will gradually reduce in size, and can take 2 to 3 months to see optimum results.

Depending on your initial skin condition and your desired goals, you may need more than one treatment. Our cosmetic practitioner will discuss your specific treatment goals and create a schedule to give you the best results.

The cost will vary depending on the type of treatment necessary. If you desire a V-Shape Face or wish to maintain it, contact us for a free, no obligation consultation at The Lime Tree Clinic. Click HERE, to see our current pricing.

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