Thick Calves

Thick Calves

Some women prefer to have more slender and toned calves. They feel their calves are too bulky, making them look masculine or overweight.

Thicker calves can be due to one of the following reasons:

Genetics – Your height, your muscle mass, your fat ratio will affect the size of your calves. Look at your family members to see if they have naturally big calves, this will give you an idea whether this is related to your genetic makeup.

Exercise – Repetitive movement through exercise will put strain on your calf muscles causing them to be stronger and bigger. Walking long distances while wearing high heels will also contribute.

Fatty tissue – Fatty deposits are another possible reason for thicker calves. Usually there are small fat deposits in the calves, but some people are predisposed to disproportionate amounts of fat in the calves.

Fluid retention – Having leaky veins and lymphatics, poor circulation, or excessive fluid accumulation can cause oedema in your legs.


There are a variety of treatments that can help in treating thick calves, which treatment or treatments will depend on the nature of your problem. At The Lime Tree Clinic, the aim of the treatments is to reduce the calf size to create a slimmer, more proportionate profile. Our cosmetic practitioner will thoroughly assess your calves and discuss your concerns, prior to developing a tailored treatment plan specifically for your needs.

One of our most common treatments for calf reduction are:

Muscle relaxant Injections:

  • We use specific muscle relaxants to reduce the muscle activity of the calves, causing the muscles to be less active so they will gradually become smoother and less bulky. This procedure is quick and has no downtime. Most importantly it does not restrict calf function, thus all regular activities can be maintained.

If you have thick calves and unsure what to do, book now for a free, no obligation consultation with our expert, friendly cosmetic practitioners. Our team at The Lime Tree Clinic is highly experienced in the procedure and will give you the best advice and treatment tailored to your needs.

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