Mesoéclat is a powerful, rapid-acting skin rejuvenation treatment developed by world renowned skin company Mesoestetic. The Mesoéclat method has been specifically designed to stimulate the production of body’s natural defences and cell generation mechanisms which aid in fighting against the signs of fatigue and ageing, resulting in brighter, softer and more uniform looking skin.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mesoéclat method is a multi-functional treatment made up of 3 complementary systems; Mesoéclat solutions, Mesoéclat ampoule, and Mesoéclat cream.  Each of the complementary systems contain different active ingredients and when used together will stimulate the renewal of the skin surface layers of the epidermis, re-hydrate the skin from the inside out and eliminate fine lines and expression wrinkles.

Mesoéclat is a safe topical treatment when performed by a qualified dermal clinician. It is suitable for all skin types, but may cause allergic reactions in some people with low tolerance to salicylic acid or aspirin.

While there is always some level of risk with any skin procedure, side effects associated with Mesoéclat treatments are very rare.

Our qualified dermal clinician will discuss the possible benefits and risks with you before your treatment is administered.

Mesoéclat is a multi-zone dermal treatment, mainly used on the face, neck, décolletage and hands. This treatment is well recommended for both male and female skins with the presence of deep wrinkles, flaccidity and skin pigmentation disorders.

The Mesoéclat treatment kit, which consists of 5 units of Mesoéclat ampoules and a Mesoéclat solution, is intended for 5 clinical treatment sessions, and it comes with a Mesoéclat cream for home care treatment.

Each clinical treatment takes about 60 minutes and consists of 3 phases, which act at different levels to achieve spectacular results;
Pre-treatment: In-depth Skin cleansing with Hydra Milk cleanser followed by toning with Hydratonic
Phase 1: Application of Mesoéclat solution to exfoliate dead skin and reduce skin imperfections.
Phase 2: Application of Mesoéclat ampoule to provide cell regeneration and skin hydration effect along with anti-oxidising action for cellular renewal, restoring vitality and elasticity to the skin.
Phase 3: Application of Hydra-Vital Mask to provide intensive moisturising, nourishing and soothing effects to minimise the appearance of the wrinkles as well as increase the luminosity of the skin.

Immediately after the treatment, you may experience slight discomfort on your skin such as itching, a slight burning sensation and the feeling of warmth in the skin. Our application of premium skin care will soothe your freshly treated skin.

You can resume your daily tasks at work or home immediately after the treatment. You will need to use the Mesoéclat home care cream, along with high sunscreen factor when outdoors, to enhance the effects of the intensive treatment.

With the Mesoéclat treatment, you’ll see results instantly even at your very first treatment. You may require 5 clinical treatment sessions spaced at 2 weeks apart to achieve optimal results.

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