Collagen 360°

Collagen 360°

Collagen 360° by Mesoestetic is a medical grade firming and tightening treatment that aims to counteract the loss of collagen associated with natural ageing. The Collagen 360° has been specifically designed to provide cell renewal and collagen stimulator ingredients to treat early fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Collagen 360° is an ultra-concentrated serum with enriched marine collagen developed to reverse the chronological loss of collagen and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Scientific studies show that the enriched marine collagen can increase the cell renewal process and reactivate the production of collagen and substances that plump the skin and add volume.

The Collagen 360° is a safe topical skin product and the use of the product should not generate any adverse reaction, unless it is used by a person allergic to its particular ingredients.

While there is always some level of risk with any skin procedure, side effects with Collagen 360° are very rare.

Our qualified cosmetic practitioner will discuss all of the benefits and possible risks with you before your treatment is administered.

The Collagen 360° is a simple, effective, firming and tightening treatment for the face, neck and hands.

The Collagen 360° treatment kit, which consists of 5 units of serum and crystal fibre masks, is intended for 5 clinical treatment sessions.


Each clinical treatment session takes about 60 minutes and consist of 3 phases, which act at different levels to give spectacular results;
Phase 1: In-depth skin cleansing with Hydra Milk cleanser followed by toning with Hydratonic
Phase 2: Application of Collagen 360° serum with facial cream followed by an exclusive energising massage protocol to reinforce the cell wall, effectively smoothening the expression lines.
Phase 3: Application of Collagen 360° crystal fibre mask on the face for 20 minutes to produce an occlusive effect that improves the permeability and efficacy of carrying active substances

Generally, you can return to work or resume your daily tasks at home immediately after the treatment. It is advisable to use sun protection when outdoors because the treatment composition is contraindicated for excessive sunlight exposure.

With the Collagen 360°, you will see results instantly even at your very first treatment. You may require a package of 5 clinical treatment sessions spaced 3 months apart with continued daily home treatment to achieve optimum results.

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