Button And Short Nose


Button And Short Nose

Many people have a shorter nose with a with a low sitting nasal bridge. This can result in a nose that is too short for the proportions of the face, making the face appear shorter and rounder. Often from the side, there is a lack of projection and definition of the nasal area. Functionally, glasses may not sit as well, and tend to fall off from the face.

A button nose is described as a rounded nasal tip and a small nose that may turn up or down slightly, causing your nose to look rounded.

These types of noses are very common. It may also be associated with a dorsal hump (a bump in the middle of the nose when viewed from the side). The Lime Tree Clinic specialises in non surgical treatment of noses (non surgical rhinoplasty). We also deal with more complicated cases such as those after unsuccessful surgical nose jobs, previous broken noses and deviated noses.

Frequently Asked Questions

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we specialise in Non-Surgical Nose treatments using premium dermal fillers or medical nose threads. By placing the right amount of dermal filler in the area of the tip and along the nose bridge, our cosmetic injector can raise the nose bridge and change the position of the tip, improving the nasal proportions.

Nose threads are another option and are biocompatible and safe medical sutures that gives the nose a more defined appearance. It is a comfortable procedure with definitive results. There is minimal downtime and the additional benefit of collagen stimulation as well.

The Lime Tree Clinic specialises in noses. This is an advanced area and must be performed by those very experienced in the treatment of this important structure. Every treatment needs to be perfect as the nose sits in the middle of your face! A more defined nose improves the facial contours.

If you have any queries about how to treat your nose, please contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation with our clinic doctor and nurses.

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