Raise Your Hands

Have you noticed the ageing hands that belong to the most beautiful women in the world?

It’s true that even the rich and famous, who have enjoyed the benefits of ageing beautifully, forget to treat their hands with the same rejuvenating treatments as their face. Hands can be neglected when it comes to anti-aging and cosmetic treatments, which is crazy when you think about how visible our hands are in everything we do. In fact, when you think about all the washing, sanitising, carrying, holding, grasping, pulling, touching and so much more we put our hands through, our hands are the heroes of our everyday lives!

The good news is we have just the remedy to make sure your hands are looking and feeling just as youthful and healthy as the rest of your beautiful face and body.

Feature Treatment

This month, the spotlight is on restoring your hands to their youthful look and feel.

With our HAND REJUVENATION treatment, not only will you see almost immediate results in the skin of your hands, but the treatment encourages your body to produce more of its own natural collagen, extending the benefits of this treatment further. Such a long lasting result makes this rejuvenation treatment amazing value too.

Our HAND REJUVENATION is non-surgical and requires no down-time after your treatment.

As lucky as we are to live in a beautiful place like Perth, we all know the damage the sun and sea lifestyle can do to our skin. Add that environmental damage to the general loss of skin elasticity over time, your hands are calling out to be included as an essential part of your beauty routine.

How does it work?

At The Lime Tree Clinic, a collagen stimulator with Calcium Hydroxylapatite spheres is gently injected into the back of your veins. This procedure takes approximately 60 minutes to complete.

Designed to combat the common signs of ageing on your hands, you will immediately see results such as:

– Plumper, more youthful hands;

– Reduced wrinkles;

– Minimised appearance of veins, tendons and bones.

In the following weeks and months, your HAND REJUVENATION treatment will continue to produce results, stimulating your own production of natural collagen essential to skin health.

Don’t forget your hands

You can beat Hollywood’s most beautiful stars at their own game, by avoiding the trap of not treating your hands to the same attention as your face.

Call us at The Lime Tree Clinic where we can tell you more and book you in to give your hands the treatment they deserve.