Ultherapy – Beauty treatment or a time machine?

A complete facelift without any incisions. No, this is not a joke, rather the new, non-invasive breakthrough treatment that bids to say “goodbye” to fine lines, sagging skin, jowls and the sun-damaged decolletage. 

We’re talking about Ultherapy. Before your mind goes to places, let us introduce you to this unicorn of the beauty industry – Ultherapy is a safe, non-surgical, ultrasound treatment that lifts and tightens your skin without any surgery. This innovative treatment uses the body’s own regenerative capabilities and tightens the skin on the eyebrow, on the neck, under the chin and the décolletage. 


How does it happen?

Using innovative ultrasound technology, ultrasound waves are micro-focused at precise depths without disrupting the skin’s surface. The micro-focusing causes friction that heats the tissues forming little burns that the skin starts repairing while generating more collagen, and this collagen is exactly what the body needs to keep the skin from sagging, giving it a more youthful look.  

There are quite a few advantages of this treatment! 


Non-invasive and relatively pain-free

This is not a surgical procedure hence no incisions are made. The ultrasound technology allows the physician to identify and treat your skin’s deep support layers without disrupting or cutting the surface of the skin. When it comes to pain, is a relatively pain-free procedure but then that depends on the individual’s threshold for pain. If you have a low threshold for pain, a numbing cream will be administered 45 minutes before the treatment, along with a soothing cream that will be applied post-treatment to make the entire process and experience easy.  

As generally observed, there is very little to no downtime, except tenderness and mild puffiness for a day. In a minority of patients with severe sunburn and damaged skin, there may be temporary bruising. 
A complete regimen will also be advised by the physician, before and after the treatment.


Yields long-term results with no downtime

Since the downtime is nothing to very minimal, it is possible for the patient to go about their life normally. It takes up to three months to see the effects of the procedure. Photos are usually taken before and after the procedure and followed up later with another photo after the patient has reached the final stage of their desired results. Collagen growth is gradual in the body, so the effects are sure to last an entire year.  

The ultimate satisfaction is when you see yourself transforming every day, bit by bit, as your body uses its own regenerative properties to give you a more youthful look. Kind of like turning back time! 


Difference between Ultheraphy and other skin tightening treatments like laser and radiofrequency

With radiofrequency treatments and non-ablative regenerative lasers, the patient will need a series or a course of treatments to get results but Ultherapy is a one-off procedure that needs a follow up once a year when the patient notices sagging or loose skin again.  

Ultherapy, compared to radiofrequency treatments, delivers precise columns of higher temperature to the skin resulting in stronger results with no downtime. 


Who needs this treatment?

The person suited for this treatment is someone probably in their thirties or older with more relaxed features, like sagging skin and other signs of maturing skin. It is also a wonderful treatment to prevent skin laxity in the future. 

So, if you’re reading this and Ultherapy looks like it could help you, you know what to do!


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