Emsculpt NEO for New Mummies!

Being a mother is a beautiful feeling. The joy of seeing a little version of you in your arms, your heart feels like it might burst with love. But it is exhausting being a new mother, and we understand. Postpartum, while can bring you many joys of being a new mother, also brings struggles, physically and mentally.  

After giving birth getting in shape may become a priority which is challenging to accomplish. Not everyone’s body just jumps back after giving birth; most new mummies require a helping hand to regain their pre-delivery body, and The Lime Tree Clinic is here to help! 

Emsculpt NEO presents a solution to help with the mummy tummy, helping you regain a toned abdomen. It is a 3-in-1 powerhouse of technology that tones and tightens, all while burning fat.

So, how does the Emsculpt NEO treatment work?

Most body sculpting devices can only focus on certain areas of fat with limited results. Some devices even cause paradoxical fat gain! (Definitely not what you want). 

But did you know that the Emsculpt NEO takes body contouring to the next level?  

It is the only scientifically proven procedure that targets tough-to-build muscle using a cutting-edge technology called high-intensity focused electromagnetic (HIFEM) energy. This energy drives intense muscle movements known as supramaximal contractions. Not only does it activate and strengthen muscles, it also reduces fat by an average of 30%!

What are the target areas for new mums?

With over a million treatments performed worldwide, the belly and buttocks are the most popular for new mums! With this procedure, our patients have been able to shrink their post-baby tummy by firming, defining, and strengthening their abdominal muscles, and reducing fat without the need to do thousands of crunches. Those who develop separation of their abdominal muscles due to pregnancy, medically termed “abdominal diastasis” will also benefit significantly from this treatment. 

Additionally, if you have noticed your buttocks have lost their shape, Emsculpt NEO can target the gluteus muscles and help you form rounder, firmer and lifted buttocks. If you work out regularly, you know these areas are tough to sculpt and shape. Emsculpt NEO eliminates the guesswork by boosting the results you get in your abdomen and buttocks.

The post-partum tummy

Right after a woman gives birth and her uterus has sunk back into its pre-pregnancy shape, abdominal exercises can be undertaken to help strengthen the core once again. However, even after losing most of the pregnancy weight, a bit of belly fat may stay, and it can be a stubborn area of fat to get rid of! 

The loose area of fat on the tummy after pregnancy is known as ‘fluffy fat’. Hormonally, women are more inclined to keep some fluffy fat after delivery. This fat is relatively lightweight but very voluminous (hence the word fluffy), and the Emsculpt NEO treatment can target it specifically. 

Remember the above and take it one step at a time. Be realistic, be kind, and keep pushing on and we promise you, we can help you get there.  

Where to get Emsculpt NEO?

The Lime Tree Clinic is your one-stop-shop for all your cosmetic medicine and body sculpting needs! As one of Perth’s leading cosmetic clinics, we offer the newest and most effective Emsculpt NEO, proven to deliver a 30% decrease in fat and a 25% increase in muscle. Be wary of less effective alternatives!! 30min of our treatment is equivalent to doing 20,000 sit-ups! All body treatment plans are individualized and tailored for you to ensure you get the beautiful results you want. Other body sculpting treatments available at The Lime Tree Clinic include liposuction, liposculpture, mini lipo, non-surgical body augmentation, fat transfer and fat dissolving injections. Dr Rob, our medical director at The Lime Tree Clinic is in charge of all body sculpting treatments and will guide you all the way. 

It is easy to book your free consultation or treatment online. Simply select the treatment and the time that suits you. Alternatively, we are available to assist at any time, and you can contact us here!