Let’s Treat Your Skin

Have you ever wondered why your skin has extra pigmentation or looks a little bit discoloured in some areas? The answer is skin pigmentation.

Your skin can become darker or lighter in some areas because of changes in your body’s production of melanin; a natural pigment that gives your skin, hair, and eyes their own unique colour.

What causes skin pigmentation?

There are a variety of reason for your skin to have pigmentation, from your genes to sun exposure, you can never know how your skin reacts to different things.

Your skin pigmentation is determined by the balance of melanin in your skin. This can shift depending on your hormones, interactions with other cells in your body, the impact of certain genes, and more.

Skin pigmentation can come about for many reasons, such as –

  • Age spots
  • Acne scars
  • Birthmarks
  • Sun exposure
  • Pregnancy
  • Prescription medication such as antibiotics or birth control
  • Cryotherapy, laser therapy or light therapy

If you’re dealing with skin pigmentation, you’re probably wondering, can it be treated? Yes, it can!

The Lime Tree Clinic provides several different options for skin rejuvenation and pigmentation treatments.


Skin Needling with the Dermapen 4 is super effective against pigmentation.

As your skin heals from the microneedling treatment, it produces collagen which forms a new layer of beautiful tissue, creating a glowing appearance on the surface of your skin and produces powerful antioxidents and skin brighteners infused below the surface.

Limelight IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
It is our non-invasive approach to revitalise skin with the advantage of improving skin tone, remove unwanted skin pigmentation and surface imperfections. Rejuvenate your skin with the advantage of improving tone, remove skin pigmentation and surface imperfections associated with ageing and sun damage.

Laser Genesis
Laser Genesis is an advanced non-invasive therapy that can safely, discretely and effectively treat expression lines, large pores, uneven skin tone, diffuse redness and scarring as well as those pesky spider veins!

It is an innovative and technologically advanced way to stimulate healthy, vibrant skin.

Chemical Peels
Many factors can contribute to the degradation of skin, from sun damage to our bodies natural aging process, resulting in skin impurities.

Regardless of what types of concern you might have in your skin complexion, a medical grade chemical skin peel at The Lime Tree Clinic can be very effective in correcting imperfections and restoring radiance to lacklustre and dull skin.

Cosmelan and Dermamelan by Mesoestetic
Cosmelan and Dermamelan by Mesoestetic is a clinical topical treatment system specifically formulated to not only depigment the skin at surface level but also treat underlying causes. This effectively removes and lightens dark patches, resulting in a brighter, smoother and more even complexion.

Scarless Mole Removal
Mole, pigmentation and lesion removals are available at The Lime Tree Clinic! We offer safe and effective treatments to remove them with minimal or no scarring. Our highly trained cosmetic physician will be able to offer you the best solution suited to your individual needs.

Whitening Infusion (Nutrient Infusion) 
A combination of Glutathione and Vitamin C are administered via an IV drip infusion for skin lightening. These two main active ingredients acts to naturally lighten your skin and reduce excess pigmentation.


So… What next?

We understand that any change in skin tone can be concerning or upsetting for you. At The Lime Tree Clinic, we’re a team of cosmetic specialists, led by our Cosmetic Doctor – Dr Robert Lau, that offer you only the best advice as well as treatment options.

Book your complimentary consultation with The Lime Tree Clinic today, simply select the treatment and the time that best suits you.

Let’s treat your skin together!