What Have You Left Off Your Wedding Planning List?

The flowers, the music, the photographer…don’t forget to plan your wedding-ready skin and beauty regime! As you know, many essential wedding items must be organised well in advance and ensuring your skin is at its best for your big day is no different.

Treatments for brides and grooms are available for all your needs, and The Lime Tree Clinic can help you plan your pre-wedding beauty strategy.

Let’s consider some target areas for your wedding prep and the treatments that may assist.

Lime Tree Clinic Wedding
Lime Tree Clinic Wedding

NECK AND DECOLLETAGE – plan 6-12 months in advance.

A lift in your neck and decolletage is a great foundation to an all-over youthful look. Perhaps consider Ultherapy.

This treatment uses micro–focussed ultrasound to non-invasively tighten and lift your skin. It is the gold standard in non-invasive skin tightening. Plan ahead by at least six months to see the impressive outcomes of Ultherapy as your collagen is renewed.

Other options include:

  • Collagen stimulators for lines and crepiness
  • Limelight for sun damage and pigmentation

BLEMISH REDUCTION – plan some weeks or months in advance.

Here at The Lime Tree Clinic we have the spectrum of treatments to address common blemishes like pigmentation, moles, sun damage and scars caused by acne or injury. The Dermapen may suit your needs, using medical-grade skin-needling to promote the skin’s healing. Or perhaps non-invasive Medical LED light treatment is for you, stimulating your own collagen production to reduce scarring.

There is no down-time needed after an LED treatment, but some time is recommended if you choose the Dermapen. Dermapen microneedling works best if performed as a package of 5, with each session one month apart.

Other options include:

  • The Lime Tree Clinic chemical peels
  • Acnelan – an acne busting in house and at home treatments

EYES – plan months in advance.

Want to tackle those dark circles? As well as the treatments already mentioned, you may be suited to dermal fillers. At The Lime Tree Clinic, we use biodegradable fillers and these can be used to manage the dark ‘tear troughs’ under your eyes, making you look refreshed everyday and especially on your wedding day.

Injectable fillers can be used to sculpt other parts of your face too, for a non-surgical option to make visible change. You will need a minimum of weeks to completely recover from your filler treatment, longer if more than one area is targeted.

Other options include:

  • Platelet Rich Plasma – for biorejuvenation of the eye area
  • Wrinkle relaxers – to smooth out those pesky Crow’s Feet lines

FACIALS – plan a minimum of weeks, if not longer, in advance.

We are proud of the range of facials we offer here at The Lime Tree Clinic. Our Advanced Facials use Medik8 products to provide you with the gentle yet proven strength in results you want. The age-defying facials can be used in combination with one of the treatments we mentioned above. You may wish to plan a series of facials in the months leading up to your wedding, to build on and maintain the rejuvenating results.

Extra boost One month prior to the wedding:

The Hydrafacial and Coolift treatments are particularly popular for some instant brightening and dewiness for the month of your important wedding. These have no downtime and gives you that extra boost and confidence you need for your big day!

Don’t leave it too late!

The best way to plan for your special day, is to take advantage of The Lime Tree Clinic’s complimentary consultation, at least a few months prior to your wedding, but preferably twelve months earlier

Many clients come to us too close to their wedding day and there is not enough time to achieve the best results possible! Once you have a wedding date set, you should be talking to us about how to achieve the best skin and the look you want.

We can discuss your target areas and the best treatments for your needs.

We look forward to sharing in your wedding joy! smile