Nose Thread Lift vs Nose Filler

Nose Thread Lift vs Nose Filler


For people to feel more confident about themselves, rhinoplasty or nose reshaping surgery is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. Even a little improvement in the size or shape of the nose can have a huge impact on the overall facial appearance and confidence of someone.

For a lot of people, an invasive nose surgery can turn off completely and outweigh the benefits it’ll have on their confidence. This is why non surgical nose jobs are becoming such a popular choice for nasal augmentation!

For those wanting to alter their nose non-surgically, there are two options – a Nose Thread Lift or Nose Fillers.

Non-surgical Rhinoplasty or a non-surgical nose job can enhance the nose, dips, troughs and bumps in your nose by injecting fillers or inserting threads.

Non-surgical nose job: Nose Filler vs Nose Thread Lift

Nose Fillers can add height to the nose bridge and help build up a short, stubby nose.  You can have your nose sculpted the way you want it to be. It has minimal to no downtime, lasting for about 6-12 months.

If your nose is a bit off centre, has an ill-defined bridge or a large dorsal hump, fillers are for you!

Nose Threads can lift the tip of your nose, improve your nose contour, slim down your bridge, sharpen the nose, and reduce the width of the nose. Like filler, it also has minimal downtime but your nose may sore for 2 days. This is super minimal considering that the effects of a nose thread lift last for about 1 year! If you have a wide nose bridge or you feel as though your nose could do with some more definition, then; nose threads are about to become your new best friend!

You may be considering a non surgical nose job if:

  • You are bothered by the appearance of your nose.
  • You have a dorsal hump (bump in your bridge) or a poorly defined nasal tip.
  • There are dents, depressions or grooves on your nose that you wish to improve.
  • The tip of your nose droops, requiring elevation.
  • You wish to raise and better define a flat bridge.
  • You would like to diminish the appearance of a rounded nose tip.

What to expect:

Mild redness and swelling will occur in the treated area. Some patients can experience tenderness in the nose for about three to five days. Any side effects will subside in a few days. Results may be sustainable for 6 to 12 months or even 2 years, depending on your choice of treatment!


  • We may recommend a follow-up visit one week after the initial treatment.
  • We will apply a numbing cream to your nose before the injections- it’s almost painless! We promise.
  • It’s a non-invasive treatment that is used to correct asymmetry and enhance the shape of your nose.

So… What next?

We’re a team of cosmetic specialists, led by Dr Robert Lau, Cosmetic Doctor in Perth that offer you the best advice as well as treatment options.

Book your complimentary consultation with The Lime Tree Clinic today, simply select the treatment and the time that best suits you.

We can’t wait to help you achieve a beautiful nose that has a definitive structure with a longer-lasting lift!