Skin Rejuvenation
Real skin has texture, pores and even blemishes. The goal is skin that is healthy and glowing from the inside out. Spoiler alert: there’s no such thing as perfect skin… Although at The Lime Tree Clinic we can get you as close as possible.

On average, our skin cells turnover every 28 days. As we age, this rate decreases. This is why skin rejuvenation treatments become a beneficial part of your skincare routine to refresh and rejuvenate the skin.Here at The Lime Tree Clinic in Perth, we offer multiple skin rejuvenation treatments, suited to address any skin concerns that you may have.Never feel guilty for investing in yourself –

On average, our skin cells turnover every 28 days. As we age, this rate decreases. This is why skin rejuvenation treatments become a beneficial part of your skincare routine to refresh and rejuvenate the skinHere at The Lime Tree Clinic, we offer multiple skin rejuvenation treatments, suited to address any skin concerns that you may have.~~



For the people who are still unfamiliar with the HydraFacial, here’s the deal: it’s a non-invasive, hybrid treatment that combines both skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation to provide instant, comfortable and effective facial pore cleansing and unclogging at an affordable cost with no downtime.

It’s ideal for those wanting to experience exceptional after-glow with results you can see and feel immediately. Glowing skin is always in – let your skin shine through with your HydraFacial results.


Medical Needling – Dermapen 4

Skin Needling with the Dermapen 4 is super effective against anti-aging, scarring and pigmentation.

As your skin heals from the microneedling treatment, it produces collagen which forms a new layer of beautiful tissue, creating a glowing and more youthful appearance on the surface of your skin and fighting antibodies below the surface.



Is your skin looking dry and dull or starting to form fine lines and wrinkles?

Coolifting is a futuristic technology that uses a simple, unique, non-invasive, needleless device to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and promote skin rejuvenation, resulting in beautiful, dewy skin.


Medical LED

Medical LED is a non-invasive therapy that harnesses the therapeutic power of light for stimulating the body’s natural processes.

Blue is only used to treat areas that the light can reach, So, it’s typically used to treat conditions present on, or just underneath, the surface of the skin. Try blue light therapy for: sun damage and skin cancer prevention and acne and other skin concerns.

Red is primarily used for its anti-aging benefits. Increase cell absorption, smooth lines and wrinkles, improve elasticity, reduce pain and inflammation, accelerate wound healing and heal cystic acne.


Limelight IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)

Our system that allows us to treat surface level hyperpigmentationdiscolouration, visibly ‘broken’ or damaged capillaries and skin redness. Rejuvenate your skin with the advantage of improving tone, remove skin pigmentation and surface imperfections associated with aging and sun damage.


Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis is an advanced non-invasive therapy that can safely, discretely and effectively treat expression lines, large pores, uneven skin tone, diffuse redness and scarring as well as those pesky spider veins!

It is an innovative and technologically advanced way to stimulate healthy, vibrant skin.


Pearl Laser

Pearl Laser is a skin ablative, rejuvenation treatment that aims to treat fine lines, deep wrinkles, uneven texture and sun-damaged skin. It can also be used as a laser scar removal treatment for acne scaring. It is an intense treatment that requires down time for the growth of new undamaged skin, but the results are SO WORTH IT. Results are noticeable by day 3 or 4, once the superficial tissue has peeled off, resulting in rejuvenated healthy skin.

Oh, and did you know? Studies have shown that Pearl Laser can improve the appearance of wrinkles by up to 70%!


Chemical Peels

Many factors can contribute to the degradation of normal human skin, from sun damage to the aging process, resulting in skin impurities.

Regardless of what types of concern you might have in your skin complexion, a medical grade chemical skin peel can be very effective in correcting imperfections and restoring radiance to dull skin.


Energy C

Energy C by Mesoestetic is a medical grade antioxidant and illuminating treatment that aims to combat the first signs of aging, even out skin tone and bring luminosity to the skin.

The Energy C has been specifically designed to provide antioxidant and moisturizing active ingredients to keep the skin in optimum conditions and delay the signs of aging as long as possible. Sounds amazing, right?


Collagen 360
Collagen 360° by Mesoestetic is a medical grade firming and tightening treatment that aims to counteract the loss of collagen associated with natural aging.

The Collagen 360° has been specifically designed to provide cell renewal and collagen stimulator ingredients to treat early fine lines, wrinkles and loss of firmness.



Mesoéclat is a powerful, rapid-acting skin rejuvenation treatment developed by world renowned skin company Mesoestetic. The Mesoéclat method has been specifically designed to stimulate the production of body’s natural defences and cell generation mechanisms which aid in fighting against the signs of fatigue and ageing, resulting in brighter, softer and more uniform looking skin.


Medik8 Masks + Facials

At The Lime Tree Clinic, we are proud to introduce the award-winning Medik8 masks, a delicate skin rejuvenation treatment, as part of our skin services menu. We use Medik8 masks to treat and correct a variety of skin problems ranging from aging skin to blemishes and acne.


Cosmelan and Dermamelan

Cosmelan and Dermamelan by Mesoestetic is a clinical topical treatment specifically formulated to not only depigment the skin at surface level but also treat underlying causes. This effectively removes and lightens dark patches, resulting in a brighter, smoother and more even complexion.


Scarless Mole Removal

Mole, pigmentation and lesion removals are available at The Lime Tree Clinic! We offer safe and effective treatments to remove them with minimal or no scarring. Our highly trained cosmetic physician will be able to offer you the best solution suited to your individual needs.


Hand Rejuvenation 

Bio-stimulatory dermal filler is an effective hand rejuvenation treatment for enhancing the appearance of aging hands, restoring volume loss, and giving you smoother, younger looking hands with long-lasting results.


So… what next?

We’re a team of cosmetic specialists, led by our Cosmetic Doctor – Dr Robert Lau, that offer you the best advice as well as treatment options.Book your complimentary consultation with The Lime Tree Clinic today, simply select the treatment and the time that best suits you.Let’s spoil your skin together!