Mum & Me Time: Hydrafacial & Rehydration Infusion Drip

The Gift of Time Spent Together

Mother’s Day is always the perfect opportunity to demonstrate how we feel about our Mum.

Finding that perfect Mother’s Day Gift that truly reflects the connection you have with your Mum is important. That’s why at The Lime Tree Clinic, we offer experiences that show Mum you know her and only want the best for her. We’d like to help you treat your Mum to a luxurious, rejuvenating experience, and a gift of time spent together. 

Mum and Me Time Package

We have put together the Mum and Me Time package for you to enjoy with your Mum, as a special Mother’s Day Gift this year. Treat your Mum (and yourself!) to some pampering at our tranquil cosmetic clinic in West Perth.  

You will both be spoiled with complimentary Bubbles to drink and a cheeky sweet treat of chocolates. Then you will both be refreshed and rejuvenated with two of our most popular treatments for immediate results.  

The Mum and Me Time package of beauty treatments and Mother’s Day extras is valued at $558 for two people, but this Mother’s Day you and Mum can benefit from the package and the memories you’ll make spending time together, for just $499 in the month of May 2022.  

The Treatments

During your Mum and Me Time, you’ll each be treated to our HYDRAFACIAL 

The Hydrafacial is a non-invasive, hybrid treatment that combines skin resurfacing and skin rejuvenation. It provides an instant, comfortable and effective facial pore cleansing and unclogging treatment. 

This treatment is ideal for an immediate after-glow with results you can see and feel right away. And even better, there is no down time following this treatment. You will leave our cosmetic clinic visibly refreshed, ready for the rest of your day and week.  

As part of your package, you and Mum will also benefit from our REHYDRATION INFUSION DRIP. 

A popular treatment for rehydrating and re-energising from the inside, outward, the Rehydrate Infusion is a nourishing fluid solution containing micronutrients, delivered directly into a vein.  

Unlike vitamin supplements in capsules or tablets, infusions deliver nutrients directly to the bloodstream without passing through the digestive system. This means, the nutrients can be absorbed by the body more rapidly and effectively. 

The Rehydrate Infusion benefits are:  

– May help restore essential fluids and body salts to fight hydration

– May help restore the body to its functional state 

– May help reduce the fatigue and symptoms caused by dehydration 

Making memories

With this gift of time spent together, you and Mum will have a shared memory to look back on. Use your time in our peaceful clinic to chat, share and plan.  

Mums always cherish their memories of time spent with their kids and the effort you make to recognise all the wonderful things she does for you. That is one thing that never changes, even as we get older.  

Call The Lime Tree Clinic now on 08 6266 4936, to book your Mum and Me Time package in the month of May for this amazing Mother’s Day gift. Treatment upgrades are available, please enquire with our friendly staff.