Let's talk about PDO Collagen-Stimulating Threads!

In the world of the cosmetic industry, sometimes a new non-invasive technology comes along and it changes the game! Truth be told, gone are the days when skin crepiness requires a surgical facelift or full ablative laser treatment with significant down time and risks. There’s a new, improved and minimally invasive alternative called the PDO collagen-stimulating thread which addresses your wrinkles, skin quality and crepiness in the cheeks, neck, brows and any other area on the face like the inner eyebrow, undereye area, jawline, forehead and nasolabial folds. 

PDO collage stimulation thread is different from a PDO lifting thread. For PDO collagen stimulation threads, The Lime Tree Clinic uses mono threads, multi threads and screw (twist) threads. We do it to improve the fine lines, skin laxity and crepiness and just ensures your skin looks younger and rejuvenated. The big benefit is there is minimal downtime, minimal risks, and the treatment can be completely tailored to your requirements.  

Need more support in the eye area? Done! 

Have some crepiness in the smile area/ cheeks? Done! 

Want to achieve a full face skin quality improvement? Done! 

Want to support your skin and stimulate your own natural collagen without using fillers? Done!

So, what are PDO collagen-stimulating threads?

Stimulating threads are smooth, and monofilament threads are threaded onto a small needle. They are made from PDO (polydioxanone) used in surgery for over 20 years. These threads work by supporting and stimulating the layers of skin by triggering your own natural body processes. Fibroblast activation initiates new collagen formation, which is remodelled at four weeks. New collagen tends to shrink as it is renovated. The effect is immediate support of the skin, they act like reinforcing scaffolding, as well tightening of the skin and improved elasticity of the skin over time.

The collagen-stimulating threads are placed into the face in a mesh-like fashion for a skin tightening effect, enhancing the appearance of fine lines that actually works and keeping the skin looking younger and rejuvenated

What areas can benefit from the PDO collagen-stimulating thread?

– Eyebrow and the areas around the eye, especially the crows feet and under-eye 

– Cheeks – smile lines 

– Nasolabial folds, either in place of or in a combination of fillers and thread lifting 

– Around the mouth 

– Lips for improved border definition 

– Jaw Line and Jowls for tightening and support 

– Neck – for skin crepiness, sun damage or horizontal necklines 

– Arms 

– Abdomen 

So pretty much everywhere! Your wish, our command!  

How many threads do we use?

Depending on the areas, we can start from 10 threads and can go up to 200 or even more threads! Our doctor and nurses will guide you as to your requirements. The more threads used, the better your results. Package deals are available for a higher quantity of threads.

How much time does the procedure take?

PDO collagen-stimulating threads treatment can take between 30-90 minutes.

You may feel a slight pinch as the threads are being placed. Numbing cream or numbing injections are provided to ensure you are kept as comfortable as possible.

How long does it take for PDO threads to work?

The collagen-stimulating thread results can be instantaneous. Best results appear at around 3-6 months as collagen starts to build in the areas of thread insertion. 

Additional threads can be placed at any time to further improve your results, and the treatment can be combined with other treatments for additional skin support such as skin boosters. 

Are you thinking about it?

If you are looking to address your fine lines, wrinkles, crepiness and other signs of tired or sun damaged skin, PDO collagen-stimulation threads lifts may be the ideal procedure for you. 

The Lime Tree Clinic experts will explore all options available to you during your consultation in our West Perth clinic, using expertise to help guide you to the optimal treatment plan for your personal aesthetic goals! 

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