Why is spring our favourite season?

We are inspired by the renewal happening all around us. Flowers are blooming, baby birds are hatching and the sun is shining more and more.

We can inspire you too, to rejuvenate your face, your skin and so much more.

Check out all the options below, to join the rejuvenation vibe this spring.


Here are two different treatments that will uncover your best skin, ready for spring.

At The Lime Tree Clinic we have a range of peels, each suitable for your needs, depending on your skin type and the results you want.

A peel is a way to reveal your best skin, as it helps to accelerate the natural exfoliation of old skin cells and stimulate new cell generation.

New collagen and elastin are stimulated by the process too. The result is a refreshed, youthful look on your face, hands and other body parts.

Another way to renew your skin is with Pearl Laser Therapy. The Pearl Laser is a resurfacing tool to treat acne scars, sun damage, fine lines and more. It removes the top layer of skin to stimulate natural collagen creation and reveal fresh new skin.

Set up your free consultation with us today to discuss the Pearl Laser or which peel will suit you and reveal your spring-ready skin.


Do you have unwanted skin pigmentation? Moles you don’t like? Let’s treat that and make your skin shine for spring.

Our Limelight IPL laser treatment is perfect for treating red or brown pigment on your skin;

  • Uneven skin tone and pigmentation
  • Brown spots (freckles, solar lentigines, age spots)
  • Telangiectasia (dilated capillaries), which appears as tiny blood vessels, especially in sun-exposed areas
  • Redness including mild to moderate acne and rosacea

IPL laser is a non-invasive treatment requiring little if any, downtime after treatment. Unlike some other laser treatments, Limelight can be used to treat minor, specific marks as well as larger areas.

Mole removal is also available at The Lime Tree Clinic, leaving no scar. We have a few options for removing moles. The most popular is using the most precise device available to vaporise the mole or lesion without injuring the surrounding tissues. Other options include cryotherapy (freezing the mole) and laser or light therapy. We can help you assess the best method for your specific needs based on the size and location of your mole.

Contact us now to arrange your consultation. We’ll discuss your mole or skin pigmentation and what to expect from your tailored treatment.


We hear you, it’s a common question. Is there a straightforward topical treatment that will refresh and rejuvenate my skin? Yes, of course!

Here at The Lime Tree Clinic, we use an amazing topical treatment called Mesoeclat. Mesoeclat is a three-phased treatment including a solution, ampules and cream, used alongside a hydra-vital mask. These combine to refresh you right into spring! Each step of your treatment is spaced two weeks apart, so you will see long-lasting results with eliminated fine lines and deep hydration.

Another non-invasive treatment for rejuvenating your skin is our fantastic Hydrafacial. This is a treatment that has multiple steps to make your skin perfectly cleaned and hydrated as well as give you the perfect glow. Exfoliation, gentle acid peel, extraction and serum application are all performed to gently and effectively vacuum any debris out of your pores for a deep clean while simultaneously applying ultra-hydration.

You will see immediate results from this treatment and the best results after a series of four to six sessions, depending on your needs. For even better results, try our ultimate Hydrafacial for an even more deluxe treatment. You get the additional benefits of our facial lymphatic drainage, crystal mask and LED.

As always, we would love to discuss the Hydrafacial or the Mesoeclat therapies with you at your complimentary consultation.

Wow! At least six different ways there to make your skin as spring-ready as possible.