Winter can be stressful for your precious skin. The cold air, strong wind, using a heater inside and having hot showers can dry out your skin, especially your face which is exposed to the world.

The good news is, we have you covered and will have you ready for spring! Lime Tree’s new Signature Mesotherapy Skin Radiance Package is PERFECT to refresh your skin now that winter is on its way out.

Signature Mesotherapy Skin Radiance Package

We have carefully selected a program of treatments, especially formulated to provide you with a comprehensive package to recover from one of Perth’s coldest winters. The star of the package is our new VSkin Mesotherapy Treatment. You will experience glow post 10 days of treatment, which makes it perfect for a bride too.

Ready for Spring?
Ready for Spring?

VSkin is a premium booster serum for your face, full of nourishment for your skin including peptides and vitamins (10 vitamins, 2 amino acids, 5 minerals, 6 peptides, 4 nucleic acid, 3 co-enzymes 0.5% HA and 2ppm epidermal growth factor). The treatment is delivered to the perfect depth using the V2 injector, so it delivers targeted hydration and also activates your own collagen and elastin production.

The VSkin is delivered over five visits, timed to optimise the needs of your skin and deliver amazing results. On the first and fifth visits, your treatment will also include the two other heroes of this package; anti-wrinkle mesotherapy injections and PDO collagen threads.

All three premium-grade treatments featured in this package are placed specifically in regards to location and depth to ensure amazing outcomes. Here’s what to expect:

The Lime Tree’s Signature Mesotherapy Skin Radiance Package

Visit One

– VSkin Serum Mesotherapy

– Anti-wrinkle Mesotherapy

– Vskin post procedure recovery mask

Visit Two: two weeks after Visit One.

– VSkin Serum Mesotherapy

– Vskin post procedure recovery mask

Visit Three & Four: two weeks apart.

– VSkin Serum Mesotherapy

– Vskin post precedure recovery mask

Visit Five: one month after Visit Four.

– VSkin Serum Mesotherapy

Anti-wrinkle Mesotherapy

– 70 PDO collagen threads

– Vskin post procedure recovery mask

You will see the visible benefits of this complete package including:

– Restored skin elasticity

– Regeneration of your skin’s own collagen

– Reduction of pores and wrinkles

– An all-over brightness restored to your skin

– Deep hydration.

It’s time to say goodbye to winter and welcome spring with a fresh face. Contact us for your complimentary consultation and learn more about the Signature Package and how it will prepare you to emerge from winter with a fresh perspective.